Local SEO – Search Engine Marketing

Local Search Engine Marketing is done by analysing ‘real’ terms that your potential customers or clients might use. Once those key phrases have been checked, analysed and researched, your website can be tweaked to match those terms.

With search engines like Google and Bing, the more relevant your website is to the search being made, the more chance your website will be in the higher results.

As well as being relevant, though, your website has to be known about so that the search engines take it seriously. This includes having links pointing to your site from other, relevant, sites. These links can come from websites, blogs, social media channels and, within reason, the more there are, the better. But beware, these links have to come from high quality resources otherwise they can do more damage than good.

At Surrey and Sussex Marketing, we take that headache away from you. We will research and seek out the right places to add your links, or we will build those extra resources ourselves, in order to boost your website up the rankings.