Top 6 Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

Facebook is the big success story of the social media revolution. It has become one of the most widely used online marketing tools for business, so it makes perfect sense for YOUR business to have a Facebook presence.

We show you how to harness the power of the world’s largest social network for your company with our six simple rules for promoting your Facebook page.

1. Create Shareable Content

shareable contentShareable content is a post that directly benefits your audience. When a fan shares your post, it appears on their timeline and their friends’ news feeds, so creating shareable content is important for page exposure and acquiring new Likes.


People respond to a business or a brand with a ‘human side’, so don’t be afraid to add your own flair and personality. Combine your (clean) humour with content that helps your fans express their own identity. Now more than ever it’s important to put yourself in their shoes.

2. Measure and Adjust

Once 30 people have liked your page, you’ll be able to see your Page Insights, which will tell you all about how your audience is responding to your content. Page Likes, Post Reach and Engagement tools are just some of the things you can use to track your best performing posts.

3. Be Available

People love an authentic presence online, so be conversational and share what you are genuinely interested in. Remember that it’s about quality not quantity. Respond to both good and bad feedback. Experiment with post types and times. You can schedule posts on Facebook, which is a godsend for businesses with little digital resource and don’t have the time or employees to post for them.

4. Don’t Be Too Formal

Say goodbye to formalities and loosen up a bit. People on Facebook are there primarily to catch up with friends, so if you want their attention, you have to talk to them as though you are just another friend to encourage interaction rather than sounding like a marketer. People don’t go on Facebook to read sales pitches. That is not to say that your shouldn’t be professional, but have a little fun with your status.

5. Credit Where Credit Is Due

Do not take credit for an image that does not belong to you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t share an image your think that your audience would love to see on your page, even if you didn’t take it yourself. It simply means that you should, at all times, give credit where credit is due. Adding a link to the original source builds credibility and trust with your audience.

6. Don’t Irritate Your Followers

Don't irritate your followers_1

Facebook likes an active page but people are quick to say if something is not to their liking. The aim is to be consistent and to post regularly, but don’t overdo it. Ask yourself questions such as: “would my audience share this?”, “would they find it interesting?”, “would they like to see this in their newsfeed?”. If the answer is yes, then go ahead.


Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Starting a social media marketing campaign can be extremely overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the digital space. Just the thought of creating a company Facebook page or tweeting to your consumers can cause stress and anxiety for some small businesses who are too busy running their offline bricks and mortar business.

This is where we can help. We have lots of experience and online marketing expertise, so why not contact us today and see how we can help your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

Using Facebook For Social Networking

Facebook is the foremost example of a social media service that allows individuals to network directly with others that share similar tastes and interests. It is a site that allows users to create a profile that tells a little bit about themselves and their interests. They are then able to connect over the internet with other users that share similar interests, hobbies, jobs, etc. Still, many wonder, “What is social networking on Facebook?

Facebook differs from many types of online communities in that it focuses on the individual rather than on the community as a whole. One can locate forums on just about any topic in the world, but their focus is on the community that shares interest in the topic covered. Individuals may post comments on posts made by other authors that will be seen by all users. Facebook allows one to select whether comments will be open to the general public or just to a small group of friends. This is a more individual centered approach than that taken by community forums.

Users may create their own unique networks of friends and/or relatives that may view their profiles and share links or personal data with them. In addition, users may communicate directly through email and/or online chat sessions via the site. The true definition of social networking on Facebook is interacting with this group or groups of friends online through the services offered by the site.

Many businesses have created their own profiles on this site that allow them to reach a larger audience than they might otherwise. The reason for this is that they attract individuals whose stated interests coincide with their content. These individuals have the ability to “Like” such pages, meaning that they place social bookmarks to the pages that are then shared with members of their own personal networks, making the sites more visible than they might be if relying solely on search engine results to get them into the public eye.

A wide range of personal blogs that might not ever achieve widespread readership are brought to the front in the same manner. Individuals find these blogs and become interested in their content.

These people bookmark the blogs and share the links with friends they think might share their interest. This has several benefits for the bloggers, including creating a potential way to make money from writing their own blogs.

Social networking on Facebook takes many different forms. The primary form lies in the creation of individual networks of friends with which one can communicate. Each individual in the network has his/her own network, meaning that information can be shared and expanded exponentially. Friends may communicate with one another easily as well as posting content they wish to share with other members of their network such as social bookmarks and messages about what is currently happening in their lives. Their friends have the ability to comment on their postings publicly or privately.

Being a member of a social network helps individuals gather more news on topics they find relevant than they might be able to do using search engines alone. This means that members of such sites are often more well informed about topics of interest than those who do not participate in such groups.

Why You Need A Facebook Fanpage For Your Surrey or Sussex Business

There are many reasons why you need a Facebook fanpage for your business and here are just a few of them.

Facebook has over 500 million active users and if you have a local business, the majority of people within your local area will have a Facebook account.  Having a fanpage is free advertising for you and it’s a great way to keep in touch with your customers, using the platform that they are using regularly.  If you are looking to expand your business into new markets and areas then having a fanpage can help you do this too.  Facebook by it’s nature encourages viral marketing, which means your information is easily shared with others which is even more appealing.

You can easily link your Facebook fanpage to your website, as well as your website to your fanpage and cross promote each other.  Facebook makes it very easy to connect the two, allowing your website visitors to join your fanpage from your website as well as fans from your fanpage to click through to your website.

In order to become a fan of your fanpage they need to “like” your page.  This is a little button on the top of your fanpage with the word like on it.  That triggers Facebook to start showing the content that you create on your wall to show up on your new fans newsfeed.  Facebook gives this information the opportunity to go viral very easily.  What this means is that when it appears on your fans newsfeed they can “like” the information you have just shared, which then lets all their friends see that they’ve liked your status.  Even better is when a fan shares your status.  Sharing your status puts your information on their wall so that their friends can see it in it’s entirety. 

Like many other business owners you may just be using Facebook for personal use and don’t want to mix your business life with your personal one.  That’s great because this is the whole point of Facebook fanpages.  Having a fanpage allows you to post comments and network as your business rather than with your personal account.

With a Facebook fanpage you can install different applications to help you interact with your fans.  You can encourage your fans to leave comments or testimonials for others to see, create events, competitions, give updated information, start discussions, share photos and videos, import your blog posts, the list is endless.  Also for the more technical amongst you, you can create a “reveal tab” which is a hidden tab within your fanpage.  The reveal tab is only visible to people who have liked your page.  It’s a great way to incentivize people to like your page because behind your reveal tab you can have links to free reports or videos, discount codes, fan only competitions etc.

Facebook fanpages are the online version of word of mouth advertising.  Hopefully you don’t need anymore reasons why you need a Facebook fanpage and get started with yours today.

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How To Use Facebook Fan Pages For Your Business

facebook fan pages for your businessFacebook is the premier social networking site on the internet. It is geared toward individuals who create and upload profiles, then interact with other individuals who share similar interests. However, more and more businesses are finding it to be a valuable resource for attracting visitors to their websites. Here, we are going to take a look at using Facebook fan pages for your business.

Businesses are not allowed to create profiles on Facebook. However, they may create what are known as fan pages that function in much the same fashion. Here, they may post information about their company, their products or services, or any other type of content they think visitors to their pages would be interested in. This may include a link to their corporate website, email address, etc.

Today, a large number of businesses include a request that people friend them on Facebook and follow their fan page in their advertising media rather than including their website address. Of course, the secret to success here is including content on their fan pages that people will find interesting and/or useful. This is a social media outlet where interaction with friends and fans is critical to success. This means that someone will need to monitor the page and interact with fans on a regular basis.

The advantage is that this interaction on a social level makes a brand seem more friendly and accessible. This tends to make more people Like their page, leading to more traffic to their website. It provides many opportunities for companies to reach targeted prospects that have already shown interest in the product and/or service offered by the business.

One thing that one must be aware of is that only official representatives of a given business are allowed to create fan pages. Steps will be taken by Facebook to ensure the identity of the representative before any pages will be published.

One of the most successful methods being used by businesses is allowing fans to post content on their wall. Comments can be moderated by the page administrator to ensure that content is kept to acceptable standards. In addition, many businesses find that allowing users to post photos to their fan pages creates a sense of good will and encourages fans to share this page with their friends.

One good example of this is Graco. This company manufactures a range of products for infants. They post photos of their products on their fan pages. They also allow users to post photos of their babies using the Graco products to their pages. This generates a large amount of content that users will find interesting and worth sharing.

While Facebook does not support sending private messages to individual users, one can post content and make it viewable to only certain groups of fans based on interests or locations. This allows them to offer unique specials to targeted groups so that they can track the success of their marketing success using this form of social media. Using Facebook fan pages for your business is one form of advertising that is free, yet incredibly valuable.

We can help you build your Facebook fan page, and we can help you build a list of Facebook followers to gain more exposure for your business or your products.